Football Claims!

Football (soccer) Claims!
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1. 2 claims per person, unless you list your claim in your profile with a link to this community (eg. I claimed ______ @ football_claims), then you can have 5!

2. Please make a new entry for your claim and put what you want to claim in bold.

3. When something you want to claim is gone, then sorry it's gone! (Check the Claims List)

4. Anything to do with football (soccer) can be claimed! A player, team, manager etc (get ideas from the Claims List)

5. If you leave the community your claims are open for other people to claim.

I will reply to your entry so you know your claims have been added! No need to add this community to your friends list, as long as you remain a member you'll keep your claims! :)

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You may advertise here as long it is related to football or is a claiming community.