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Okay I'd like to claim Xabi Alonso's eyes, Xabi Alonso's nose, Alan Smith's mouth and the Alan Smith/Gary Neville slash pairing that I have a weird obsession with even though I support Liverpool! Oh and Steven Gerrards voice.

Sherlock - shut up for genius

Ooh, I like this one!

So, and I hope I get this right...

I'd like to claim Luis Miguel, Cristiano Ronaldo's nape and Cristiano Ronaldo's hands. And while I'm at it, I'll take Cristiano Ronaldo's hair, too. I guess, then I can just take the fifth one, too. I'd like Cristiano Ronaldo/Wayne Rooney, please.

*off to put the link in her user info*
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..apparently i was somehow unaware of this comm. weird. XD

anyway. xD
can i claim...
Player: Clemens Fritz
Pairing: Michael Ballack/Torsten Frings
Team: Werder Bremen?

will add to profile as soon as it's confirmed! =]

Three extra claims?

I added the claim link to my profile, so here are the last three claims I want to try for...

Marseille's home stadium, the Stade Vélodrome.
The Portuguese national, Pauleta.
And another Portuguese national, Maniche.

:] I'll add them to the profile as soon as it's confirmed.
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